Pursuing a Better Business, Empowering a Better World!

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Pursuing a Better Business, Empowering a Better World!

Pyae Pyae Phyo

There is no doubt that being a good corporate citizen has never been easier. A good corporate citizen values, monitors, and beneficially affects communities and societies at-large. They carefully balance shareholder needs with those of the community and always consider the environmental impact of business operations.

According to Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship, the measurement and return on investment (ROI) of corporate responsibility and corporate citizenship is defined by how well companies responsibly manage not only their financial performance but also their environmental and social impact. The underlying goal of corporate citizenship remains clear: create a better world in which to do business and a better world in which to live.

Myint & Associates Offshore Supply Base Ltd. (M&AOSB) always tries its best to portray our business as both responsible and sustainable, by taking great and cautious care in the business activities to minimize impact as much as possible on the environment and local communities, where business is being conducted.

M&AOSB has made environmental and social commitments to demonstrate appropriate and sincere respect for the environment, particularly for preventing any accidental loss of resources or assets likely to have an impact on the environment, company employees, and communities. In addition, we focus on enabling business operation improvements in an environmentally responsible manner.

M&AOSB never forgets to consider ways of reducing adverse environmental and social impacts and enhancing project benefits. Since 2016, M&AOSB began socialization its proposed project activities with local community members by hosting public meetings and regular engagements, and has established Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program in 2017.

As a leading operator of offshore supply base, it is also our responsibility to maintain a sustainable environment surrounding the project in Nga Yoke Kaung. We successfully accomplished the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process which mentioned details of anticipated risks, impacts, and mitigation measures against potential negative impacts from proposed development activities. After EIA process, we achieved the Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) granted by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation (MONREC) on 24th April 2019.

We firmly comply with an Environmental Monitoring Report to the Environmental Conservation Department (ECD) of MONREC every six month as per the EIA procedure and ECC requirements. Since the project is in the pre-construction phase, there were few activities at the project location except the implementation of CSR initiatives and regular stakeholder engagement activities. The reports for the pre-construction phase were successfully submitted in October 2019 and April 2020.

The first report covered ECC disclosure workshops, electrical transmission line survey, evaluating process of design and build contractor selection, evaluating process of environmental monitoring service provider selection, and CSR progress activities.

M&AOSB recognizes the importance of biodiversity conservation and supports it through our values, performance, communication and engagement. We aim to undertake activities to raise internal and external awareness of the importance of conserving biodiversity, and ways the company is addressing it. This will include engaging with the government, local communities, and others to understand and to address significant biodiversity issues in areas where we operate, while working with a variety of external organizations to make positive contributions in the Nga Yoke Kaung area.

With protecting the safety and health of people and the environment being an M&AOSB core value, we also strive to design our facilities and conduct our operations to avoid adverse impacts to human health and to operate in an environmentally sound, reliable, and efficient manner. The second report presented environmental and social management frameworks by outlining the compliance requirements, mitigation measures, and monitoring programs to be implemented throughout the project activities. The report highlights also included:

  • Selection to China Habour Engineering Co., Ltd (CHEC) as the design and build contractor
  • Selection to Myanmar Koei International Co., Ltd (MKI) as the environmental monitoring service provider
  • Preliminary Labour Camp Management Plan
  • Emergency Response Plan for Onshore and Offshore Activities
  • Occupational Health and Safety Plan
  • Biodiversity Management Plan
  • Livelihood Restoration and CSR Plan
  • Operational Grievance Mechanism
  • Completion of FY 2019-2020 CSR Work Program

As a responsible investor, M&AOSB is always committed to protect the environment and society by adhering to obligations and responsibilities in environmental and social management plans, as long as the supply base is in operation. M&AOSB will prepare the Construction Monitoring Report in accordance with clause D6 of ECC, by including the following in the report:

  • Documentation of compliance with all conditions of this ECC, in particular on the commitments made in Table 8.2 of the EIA report
  • Progress made to date on implementation of EMPs against the submitted implementation schedule
  • Difficulties encountered in implementing EMPs and recommendations for remedying difficulties and steps to prevent or avoid similar future difficulties
  • Number and type of non-compliances with EMPs and proposed remedial measures and timelines for completion of remediation
  • Summary of self-monitoring reports including explanatory remarks
  • Summary of accidents or incidents relating to the occupational and community health and safety
  • Summary of complaints and operational grievance mechanism (OGM)

Sustainability at M&AOSB is understood as meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the needs and ability of the next generation. Taking responsibility for how our operations impact societies and the natural environment shapes and influences the type of practices that are initiated within the organization. M&AOSB will continue to promote activities that contribute to sustainable development goals to create a better world.