At M&AOSB, we always ensure our business operations run with the agreement from all stakeholders involved in the community to portray our business as responsible and sustainable, which can lead to solving the challenges that come across during business activities.

Stakeholder Engagement

Engaging with stakeholders from different backgrounds can be a challenging process. Various communication tools and a strategy is required to ensure all stakeholders are frequently consulted and their concerns and needs are included in the decision making process of project activities. M&AOSB acknowledges the importance of engagement and buy-in from all of its stakeholders. A series of assessments and coordination meetings are periodically held to identify and prioritize concerns of stakeholders. To further facilitate this process, a grievance mechanism process has been successfully rolled out in Nanttharpu and Nga Yoke Kaung.

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Impact Assessments

We always take great and cautious care in our business activities to have as less impact as possible in the environment and local communities, where business is being operated. Working together with communities to reduce any impacts on the issue of health, safety, access to fresh water, food or income always plays pivotal role. As our work goes on, we provide the communities and local economies great chance of having better routine life.

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