Operational Grievance Mechanism

Operational Grievance Mechanism

M&AOSB believes:

  • An effective feedback mechanism is a safe, effective, and proactive process that receives complaints and/or concerns associated with the company’s operations.
  • Stakeholders are provided with a constructive opportunity to develop a partnership with M&AOSB by working together to minimize risk and address concerns.
  • Concerns received can be resolved in a timely manner with all primary stakeholders within a confidential space.
  • The views of each complainant are respected and not discriminated against.


M&AOSB has developed a multi-stakeholder approach to design an Operational Grievance Mechanism (OGM) in Nanttharpu and Nga Yoke Kaung.

The objective of our OGM is to enable local communities to have a voice and to ensure impact associated with operations affecting the environment and surrounding communities are solicited, monitored, and effectively addressed.

We consider this to be essential in order to maintain a social license to operate. Our OGM enables stakeholders to voice their concerns directly to the company first, instead of turning to third parties, and enables the company to respond to their concerns early before they escalate.

As a first phase of our OGM, we have established our mechanism in Nanttharpu and Nga Yoke Kaung. Community meetings were held and information boards were erected in both places to improve awareness.


OGM Flow Chart