M&AOSB Partners with Two Community-Based Volunteers in Nanttharpu

By admin on Jan 03 in News.

M&AOSB Partners with Two Community-Based Volunteers in Nanttharpu

Kyisin H. Aung

Myint & Associates Offshore Supply Bases Ltd. (M&AOSB) believes that communities which live in close proximity to any project can be directly affected by its operations. As a result, we strive to build relationships with communities where we operate to ensure we manage our operations in a way that is consistent with community expectations. M&AOSB has partnered with two members of our primary host community, Nanttharpu, to work together to implement strategic community investment projects which create shared value for the project and the community.

Ei Yo @ Daw Win Than
Community Volunteer
Nanttharpu Village Tract, Zin Yaw Chaung

A ten-household head from Zin Yaw Chaung, Ma Ei Yo is an active member of the community, having participated in a World Bank-funded Community-Driven Development (CDD) project which provides funding to improve basic infrastructure in rural communities using a people-centered approach. Ei Yo is an active listener and often relays community concerns and feedback, which allows M&AOSB to take into account community voices from the beginning stages of the project. “I want to see our children grow up and take up jobs right here in their own community. Our children now migrate to other parts of Myanmar because there are few job opportunities here,” said Ma Ei Yo about why she decided to partner with M&AOSB.

U Phyo Mauk Thar Htet
Community Volunteer
Nanttharpu Village Tract, Seik Kan

Also a ten-household head, U Phyo Mauk is a diver. He loves to share with others his experience diving local and international waters and tricks he uses to stay underwater for a remarkably long time. U Phyo Mauk plays a key coordination role between community members and M&AOSB, arranging meetings and mobilizing community members to take part in M&AOSB’s strategic community investments. “I decided to become a volunteer because I believe in the potential of M&AOSB to bring development to this community and region,” said U Phyo Mauk.