M&AOSB Gives a Helping Hand to Local Efforts in Combatting COVID-19

By Thaw Tar on Oct 13 in News.

M&AOSB Gives a Helping Hand to Local Efforts in Combatting COVID-19

Pyae Pyae Phyo

As the COVID-19 pandemic has caused global social and economic disruption, Myint & Associates Offshore Supply Base Limited (M&AOSB) has tried our best to be a helping hand for the local efforts in combatting COVID-19. We worked actively with the host communities in the fight against COVID-19 by contributing not only funds but also medical supplies to the local around the project area.

We made a financial contribution of 1 Million Kyats to the COVID-19 Control and Emergency Response Committee of Nga Yoke Kaung Town with the aim to prevent the possible outbreak of COVID-19 in the communities. M&AOSB was pleased to receive the acknowledgement letter from the donation event at the General Administration Department of Nga Yoke Kaung Town in June 24, 2020.

Last April, we also made a donation of medical supplies such as N90 masks, 3-layer masks, personal protective equipment (PPE), spirit boxes, hand gel bottles, Dettol antiseptic liquid, gloves, infrared thermometers and bleaching powder to the Community Quarantine Center in Nanttharpu Village Tract in order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. As a responsible investor, M&AOSB will surely continue to care the health and safety of the people around our project area.