M&AOSB Enhances Education and Sustainability in Local Communities

By admin on Oct 10 in News.

M&AOSB Enhances Education and Sustainability in Local Communities

Pyae Pyae Phyo

Guided by its CSR Program, M&AOSB Company has launched an initiative aimed at improving educational facilities and fostering sustainable practices. At the beginning of the school year, the CSR Program’s focus on community infrastructure development has led to a series of impactful actions.

In early 2023, M&AOSB’s CSR Team conducted a thorough needs assessment in Nanttharpu Village Tract, Kyway Chaing Village Tract, and Nga Yoke Kaung Town. The CSR Program’s evaluation then formed the foundation for targeted support, in line with M&AOSB’s social investment strategy.

In a notable event on 03 July 2023, the Basic Education High School (Sub) of Kyway Chaing Village experienced the CSR Program’s commitment. There, M&AOSB’s CSR Program donated ten units of 60-liter trash bins and three whiteboards to Kyway Chaing School. The donation was accompanied by an informative session led by Saw Christopher, a representative of M&AOSB’s CSR Program. Attended by 125 students, the session covered the “Effects of Plastic Waste in Schools” and “Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste in Schools.” U Myint Soe, the Headmaster of Kyway Chaing School, expressed gratitude for M&AOSB’s CSR Program, highlighting the vital role that clean surroundings play in students’ health and education. He also emphasized that the donations, including whiteboards and trash bins, were essential elements of a conducive learning environment.

On 10 August 2023, the impact reached the Basic Education High School (Sub) of Nanttharpu Village. This time, the donation of M&AOSB’s CSR Program donated two units of 100-liter trash bins, addressing the specific challenges posed by limited space for waste disposal in the school yard. Saw Christopher’s awareness talk continued to educate, focusing on plastic waste reduction. The session also highlighted the efforts of the Trash Hero Gaw Yan Gyi Chapter’s plastic waste reduction program in Nanttharpu Village Tract. Daw Kyin Htay, the Principal of Nanttharpu School, expressed her gratitude for M&AOSB’s consistent support, particularly for their initiatives to properly manage plastic waste in a constrained environment.

Through these initiatives, M&AOSB’s CSR Program demonstrates the powerful interaction between community development and corporate responsibility. By investing in education and sustainability, the CSR Program underscores its commitment to fostering positive change and empowering local communities.