M&AOSB Completes Peer-to-Peer Information Dissemination Campaign

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M&AOSB’s inaugural Peer-to-Peer Information Dissemination Campaign Reached More than 1,600 Community Stakeholders

Yin Mon Aye

Myint & Associates Offshore Supply Base (M&AOSB) successfully completed the Peer-to-Peer Information Dissemination Campaign in order to raise awareness of the proposed Offshore Supply Base and the M&AOSB Operational Grievance Mechanism. The campaign was led by 16 Community-based Volunteers as well as the community members who participated in the Cross-Learning Visit to Mann Field in December 2018. During the campaign, the community-based volunteers and trip participants shared their experiences and honest opinions on what they encountered during their trip to Mann Field, including the MPRL E&P Group of Companies’ approach to environmental and social responsibility.

A baseline survey was conducted to assess the baseline knowledge of the community related to the Operational Grievance Mechanism process and procedures and the proposed Offshore Supply Base. The objectives and the targeted number of campaign audience members were defined based on the results of the baseline study. The launching ceremony was successfully organized on 27 November 2018 at the General Administration Department Office in Nga Yoke Kaung Town and overall the Peer-to-Peer Information Dissemination Campaign reached more than 1,600 community stakeholders in its 33 communication sessions conducted from November 2018 to March 2019. Upon reaching the targeted audience, the campaign successfully concluded with the knowledge quiz shows in Nanttharpu Village Tract, Kyway Chaing Village Tract and Nga Yoke Kaung Town and the community stakeholders actively participated in the competitions. The endline survey is planned to be conducted to examine the effectiveness of the campaign and the lessons learned will be addressed in the planning of the campaign in this fiscal year 2019 – 2020.