Listening to Community Feedback: Spotting out Social Investment Impacts

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Listening to Community Feedback: Spotting out Social Investment Impacts

Pyae Pyae Phyo

At M&AOSB, it is really important to seek feedback and responses from the beneficiaries or the community members who received the impacts of our project activities. We hope the feedback practice will allow us to be responsive to the needs of communities, innovate our program initiatives, surface hidden problems and be more effective in impact delivery during the social investment journey.

In the second quarter of the Fiscal Year 2022-2023, M&AOSB’s CSR Program donated a GSS stainless steel water tank (1,000 liters) to Basic Education High School of Nga Yoke Kaung Town. The CSR Program completed a provision of five (8’ x 4’) length whiteboards and conducted classroom floor renovation and wall painting for Basic Education High School (Sub) of Nanttharpu Village. The CSR Program also provided a handwashing station with eight taps for the Basic Education High School (Sub) of Kyway Chaing Village.

M&AOSB’s CSR Field Team met with some of the community members to follow up on the impacts of our social investment initiatives around the project area. Here are a few responses from the members.

U Zaw Oo


Basic Education High School

Nga Yoke Kaung Town

M&AOSB’s CSR Program donated a GSS stainless steel water tank (1,000 liters) to our school last August. Before M&AOSB’s support, the amount of clean water that could be stored was only 600 liters, so students didn’t get enough clean water. Now, due to the company’s provision of a 1,000 liters steel tank, we are now able to store a total of 1,600 liters of clean water, and all students and teachers can drink safe water at any time as much as they want. The provision of a 1000 liters steel tank makes 634 students get clean water, and the water produced by the purifier can be stored generously.

Currently, the main support for our community development comes from the M&AOSB’s CSR Program. We are aware of all the social investment initiatives conducted by M&AOSB’s CSR Program in our region. The company’s support is very valuable and useful for our community because the company provides the necessary support in a timely manner after discussing it with the respective stakeholders. On behalf of all the students, parents, and teachers, I would like to thank M&AOSB’s CSR Program for its kind contributions and support to our school.

Daw Kyin Htay


Basic Education High School (Sub)

Nanttharpu Village

M&AOSB’s CSR Program has recently supported us in repairing school classroom floors, painting classroom walls, and providing five whiteboards with (8’ x 4’) lengths. The provision of these needed things from M&AOSB’s CSR Program is great, it helped us with reconditioning our school making it more presentable and comfortable for the students and teachers alike.

In the past, teachers used to write on the board with chalk and suffered chalk dust in the air. It affected their health, and sometimes the dust would annoy their eyesight. Now writing on these new whiteboards is more efficient and convenient.

Further, the previous concrete floor had cracks and potholes, and the classroom wall was quite mucky. Now, everything looks better and cleaner and the kindergarten (KG) students are excited to be learning in this renovated classroom.

Many thanks to M&AOSB’s CSR Program for its kind contributions to our community. I hope that the company continues supporting the community’s needs in the future.

Maung Swan Yee Htet

Grade-9 Student

Basic Education High School (Sub)

Kyway Chaing Village

There are 180 students in our school. Students and teachers are using the handwashing station donated by M&AOSB’s CSR Program. The new station is used not only for washing hands but also for filling drinking water bottles.

Before M&AOSB’s donation, for senior students like us, it was very inconvenient as we had to wash our hands at the small and portable sinks. Now, at the new handwashing station with eight taps, students are more eager to wash their hands and pay more attention to hygiene now than before at these designated washing stations.

Currently, M&AOSB and hotels around our region come to donate what is needed for the school or the village. I would like to express my gratitude to M&AOSB’s CSR Program for providing the handwashing station that is very much needed for our school. I wish M&AOSB continues with its community development initiatives so that we have a better and safer environment.